Health & Hygiene

  1. So Sterile. All of our tools are sterilized through the highest level of sterilization, autoclaving. Autoclaving is what doctors and dentists use to sterilize their tools, by heating them to extemely hight temperatures to kill bacteria. Autoclaving is recommended by the AMA, FDA and EPA.
  2. Kill Bateria! All of our pedicure chair bowls have silver nano partivles, which kills 99.99% of Bateria on contact.
  3. No Pipes! All of the jacuzzi’s in our bowls use pipeless technology which means that the water utilized is all noew water. there are no unseen pipes that circulate old water with new water.
  4. Wash your Hands! All of our techs wash and sanitize their hands between every procedure.
  5. Clean Freaks! We are constantly washing down our surfaces with the same stuff hospitals use to sterilize their operating rooms.